Reasons to Try High Intensity Interval Training

 Exercising everyday within your limit is healthy for your general well-being but overtraining is worse for you than not training at all. Too much exercise elevates the heart’s beating ate by a large percentage which it is not meant to do for long hours, resulting in some dangerous issues. High intensity interval training combines short, high intensity bursts of exercise with slow recovery phases repeated throughout the session.  High intensity interval training normally sounds too simple to be effective, continue reading the article below for some proven benefits.

High intensity training adapts to the cellular structure of the muscles which enables a person to increase their body endurance while doing any form of exercise. High intensity interval training is perfect for a person who has limited amount of time to work out because it burns a lot of calories.  In steady pace work-outs, the body tends to shut down after the exercise but in high intensity interval training, the body continues burning fats and calories twenty-four hours after the training. High intensity interval training helps consume more oxygen than a non-interval workout routine which boosts metabolism. Click here to know more about intensity training.

 Alternating between exercise and rest during the high intensity training helps you breath effectively while the body learns to effectively use the energy. High intensity interval training is extremely cost effective because it requires no equipments a part from just a small space.  High intensity interval workout allows you to preserve the muscle while on a diet and you get to shed that excess body weight.  The ability to do different exercises of your choice throughout the training period is an advantage that comes with high intense interval training. Find out more by clicking on this link.

High intensity exercise is good for your heart’s health; it eases the process of pushing yourself to the limits because of the resting periods in between which increases blood flow and helps keep a healthy heart. High intensity exercise offers seasoned workouts a new challenge and those beginning get a faster way to obtain the results they want.  High intensity interval training is something that has existed for several years and has brought amazing results to people who use it, experience or not. 

 The positive effects of high intensity interval training are noticeable in the first two hours of exercise in type two diabetes patients due to enhanced heart rate.  A single high intensity workout activates telomerase hormone in circulating cells, an enzyme that is known to be anti-aging. In addition to anti- aging properties, high intensity interval training can help balance hormones responsible for weight gain unhealthy eating habits. High intensity training is the best way to manage unhealthy hunger behavior and to lose weight.  Discussed above are the advantages that come with high intensity interval training. Read more about intensity interval training here :